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When it comes to the right heating system for your home, there are many choices. With fuel costs at very high levels, making the right choice has become more important than ever. While the expense of running your heating system is of increasing importance, it’s only half of the equation. Selecting the type of heating that’s right for your home and family can be complex. While the basic heating system types, forced warm air (furnace) or forced hot water (boiler) and hybrid may seem straight forward enough, there are many options to consider.  Next we’ll briefly explain these different types of systems and their individual features and benefits.

Heat Pumps – A Flexible Combination of Heating & CoolingMitsubishi het pump system from AGS Services 603-428-7990.

It’s possible to transform any room in your home or your entire home into an oasis of comfort; cool and dry in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. Even in spaces that have been difficult to heat (or cool), today’s advanced heat pump technology delivers a highly efficient solution for a single room or your whole house.

Easily control your comfort room by room using the smart remote controller(s) to get your perfect temperature with the touch of a button. Adjust your mode of operation between COOL, HEAT, DRY or AUTO. AUTO mode will automatically decide if you need cooling or heating delivered to the space to maintain the set temperature. You can even adjust fan speed and the direction of the vane (on applicable units.) Everything you need to control your comfort is right there in your room with you; not in another room or a different floor. Comfort control – room by room.

We specialize in Mitsubishi products as they are among the most advanced and reliable systems available. The brief video below describes the Mitsubishi heat pump systems in more detail. Video length is approx. 4.5 minutes .

Forced Warm Air Heating SystemsAGS Services installs and services American standard and other mojor brands of warm air furnaces. 603-428-7990

This is one of the most commonly installed systems. One reason for this is the systems’ ready adaptability and flexibility. Because this type of system utilizes ductwork throughout the home, adding central air conditioning and/or high efficiency air cleaning is straightforward and relatively easy — whether at initial installation or anytime in the future.  Warm air furnaces are available in a range operating efficiencies with a unit that’s right for almost any budget.

Direct Vent Wall Furnaces

AGS Services installs and services Rinnai and other major brnds of of direct vent wall furnaces. 603-428-7990Direct vent wall furnaces are another type of forced warm air system. They are designed to be used in areas that are insufficiently heated or where a space has been converted for use in colder weather. Because of their direct vent design they can be easily added to nearly any space where an additional safe, and highly efficient heat source is needed.

Forced Hot Water Heating Systems

Forced hot water (also known as hydronic) heaitng systems are also very popular. Some of the reasons for this are quiet operation and the ability to divide your home into several independent heating zones. Because a zone can be as small as a specific rooAGS Services installs and services System 2000, Weil-McLain and other top brands of gas and oil fired boiler systems. 6063-428-7990m, this allows you to vary the required temperatures throughout your home (depending on how it’s “zoned”) lowering potential operating costs by reducing heat to seldom used or unused areas.

Another reason for the popularity of forced hot water systems is the ability to simultaneously heat your home and your hot water supply, potentially lowering your operating costs.  Hot water boiler systems offer two basic options for this — indirect water heaters and tank less water heating.  More information on these water heating options can be found here.

Hybrid Systems

This may be the ultimate in flexibility by combing the best of both worlds! At the heart of many hybrid systems is a boiler. A boiler provides the greatest number of options by easily adapting into an existing warm air (ductwork based) system. This is called “hydro air” and combines all of the benefits of a warm air system (including the options for central A/C and air cleaning) with the flexibility of a hot water system (indirect water heating and additional heating options such as baseboard or radiant for specific areas of the home).

family-heating-choicesToday’s heating options, for both new and existing homes, are highly flexible and rich in choices. These options can dramatically impact efficiency (the cost of heating your home) as well your family’s overall comfort. When you are considering a new or replacement system for your home, make sure you choose a contractor that can expertly present all of your options in clear, understandable terms and provide you with a complete solution that is balanced and truly tailored to your family’s specific needs and budget. Our nearly 30 years of system design and installation experience along with our family of satisfied customers makes AGS Services a good choice. Call us today—we look forward to working with you!

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