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There are many  options available when choosing an air conditioning solution for your home. We provide the “right solution” for each customer. Solutions comprised of only the best technologies that are flexible, efficient and time tested. When the best equipment is combined with careful engineering, expert installation and ongoing service, you receive a solution that meets your needs for today and many years to come.

We take the time to ask the important questions and carefully listen to and evaluate your answers — that’s how we develop the best solutions and satisfied customers. We’ve listed some of the most common air conditioning types below to give you a basic idea of what general options may be available to address your unique issues

Central Air ConditioningServicing all manufacturers airconditioning systems for the greater Concord, Henniker and NewLondon areas. | 603-428-7990 |AGS Services, Inc.

This is a standard solution for many homes that have forced warm air heating systems (assumes in-place duct-work). When properly engineered, this is an excellent solution for providing consistent comfort throughout your home. The only “visible” component in this type of solution is the condenser unit which is mounted on a pad (discreetly) outside of your home.

Split – Ductless Air ConditioningSplit ductless air conditioning systems are installed and serviced by AGS Services 603-428-7990.

Split-Ductless air conditioning systems  provide a very flexible solution offering the quiet operation of central air conditioning systems for homes without duct-work or areas you’d like to cool, but avoid less visually attractive alternatives such as window units. You don’t need duct-work or a window space. The sleek indoor units can be mounted discreetly high on the wall, in the ceiling or at floor level. The outdoor unit is slim and requires minimal ground space or service clearance. Connection between the “two halves” of this system is provided by a small, 3″ hole through an outside wall. The hole is invisible on the wall where the quiet indoor unit is mounted.

Central Air Conditioning for Homes Without Conventional Ductwork

If you want the benefits of central air conditioning, but your home doesn’t have existing ductwork, there is a great solution and it’s called “SpacePak”.

High velocity tube ductwork allows central air conditioning in homes without metal ductwork. AGS Service 603-248-7990SpacePak is ideal for existing homes without ductwork like:

  • Homes with baseboard heating systems, steam radiators, or radiant heat
  • Older homes with limited space
  • Historic properties where architectural integrity must be preserved

The SpacePak system employs tubing, rather than metal ductwork, that easily threads through walls, ceilings and floors. This flexible tubing requires just 1/10th the space of conventional central air conditioning. The air outlets and returns are small, inconspicuous and can be matched to nearly any surface material or decor.
AC solutions for homes without ductwork from AGS Services – Henniker, NH
Small 2″ Flexible Tubing Eliminates Large, Bulky Ductwork.

AGS Services will provide a well engineered, cost efective solution to any of your home cooling challenges. Call us today and see what we can do for you!

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