2017 NH Utility Rebates

/2017 NH Utility Rebates
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2017 NH electric utility energy star rebates

Rebates from Electric Utilities

The 2017 utility rebates for new high efficiency equipment installations are available now.  Don’t wait if you want to enjoy big savings (up to $1500 or more) on new systems with this year’s rebate programs! This funding is definitely limited and recent history tells us that these funds are often exhausted by mid-year.

EVERSOURCE, Unitil. Liberty Utilities and New Hampshire Electric Co-ops are all offering generous rebates for specific ENERGY STAR® rated systems including split-ductless heating & cooling systems as well as cooling only systems. Certain central air conditioning systems (cooling only) are also eligible. There’s no need to wait if you’re thinking of upgrading your home with a new split-ductless system. Regardless of whether you need heating or cooling, these systems can be installed year-round.

Rebates from Natural Gas Suppliers

There are also rebates of up to $1500 for new high efficiency natural gas heating systems and hot water heaters. The suppliers offering these rebates are Unitil and Liberty Utilities. The same caution applies here — don’t wait to take advantage of these rebates. These programs have limited funding and are run on a first-come-first-served basis.  When the funding is gone, so are the programs.

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NH Utilities Offering 2017 Rebates

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